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The Shugyo (pronounced shoo-giyo) Training Center is Fort Collins first martial and healing arts cooperative.  Shugyo is a Japanese word and concept that translates as:

                    1. Training for the acquisition of skill,

                    2. Pursuit of knowledge, and

                    3. Mental and technical training.

  All of the programs at the Shugyo Training Center use martial arts as a method of mind and body integration, thus evoking each arts innate healing nature.  At the Shugyo Training Center we believe that traditional martial arts training has the power to dissolve the internal aggression of its’ participants while at the same time developing empathy and compassion for  others. Learning how to harmonize within ones own mind and body invites the inner potential to harmonize within all of humanity as well as with our natural world.  This ancient path to inner peace has been used by Asian cultures for centuries.  Come join us at the Shugyo Training Center to explore your own mind-body connection in the three programs we currently offer.

Ki Aikido with Sensei Russ Smith

     Joden in Ki; Godan in Aikido

Okinawan Karate with  Sensei Timothy Shafer

     Rokudan in Shodu-kan Karate-do

White Crane Tai Chi with Sempai Deborah Shafer

     and Sensei Timothy Shafer

Visit our Calendar page for our full class schedule.

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Shugyo Dojo Location:

2721 South College Avenue Unit #3

Fort Collins, CO 80525