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Shudokan Karate-do is a form of traditional Okinawan karate that was formalized by Kanken Toyama in the late 19th century.  It is a  fighting style that equally emphasizes punching and kicking.  Designed to conquer Japanese Samurai these weaponless fighting techniques have proven themselves against superiorly armed opponents.  Shudokan karate-do today has evolved to include techniques of Aikido falling and rolling, Jujitsu joint locks, Judo throws, basic Judo grappling skills, modern teaching methods and leadership skills.  This yields a comprehensive fighting style that well equips the 21st century warrior and provides impetus for training the modern mind.

    Okinawan Karate Club students begin  their study of Shudokan Karate-do with classes designed to increase flexibility, coordination, fitness, self-defense and most importantly self-awareness.  These aspects are synthesized and developed within a system of promotions that draw out martial arts skills and the internal confidence to succeed in self defense situations.  This is the path of defending oneself.

    Within the martial arts community it has been known for generations that the self confidence cultivated through the ability to defend oneself can create self confidence in all areas of life.  When we have gained self confidence, we have lessened our fears and should no longer feel the need to prove ourselves.  We are secure within ourselves.  A hallmark of secure individuals is self respect, once achieved the respect for others naturally follows.  This is the path of internal security.

    At the Okinawan Karate Club our ultimate aim is to gift each student with these two paths: the ability to defend them-selves and the internal security of self confidence.  This combination  leads to  an attitude to others and an outlook towards life of nonaggression.  These internal qualities have been trained  in traditional martial arts for generations and are part of the ‘secret’ in the transformative power of the martial arts.  Martial artists who have experienced these transformative powers have undeniably become true warriors, each one has overcome themselves, their personal insecurities, and their fears, no longer looking for conflicts, but striving for a life of peace and harmony.  Come join us on this path so you can leave fear and insecurity behind and find your true warrior within.